Haute Chocolate Bar

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Organic, Clean Chocolate Bars

Fine chocolate infused and handmade in Brooklyn by Haute Chocolate, satisfy the most insatiable of sweet tooths.

Cinnamon Chipotle Chocolate Bar 

This unique flavor infuses Haute Chocolate's classic semi-sweet organic Peruvian chocolate with savory chipotle peppers and a sweet cassia cinnamon. The result is a spectacular blend of spicy chipotle balanced by the sweet aromatics of cinnamon.

Espresso Chocolate Bar 

Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Ethiopian Washed Coffee beans are roasted then blended with Haute Chocolate's classic semi-sweet 72% cocoa Peruvian organic dark chocolate.

Also available in the Palermo Body "Coffee Culture" kit.

Lady Grey Chocolate Bar

The effervescent flavors are grounded in Haute Chocolate's rich, organic 72% cacao Peruvian dark chocolate, creating a treat with equal sophistication and sensation.

Salted Rosemary Chocolate Bar 

Rosemary is delicately infused into 72% cocoa semi sweet Peruvian organic chocolate, then is garnished with a touch of Himalayan salt to bring out the herbaceous and savory flavors.

Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar 

Gently blended into the classic Haute Chocolate 72% cacao semi-sweet Peruvian chocolate resulting in a satisfying, sumptuous crunch.

- 2 oz

Meet The Maker.

Haute Chocolate Brooklyn makes 100% organic, vegan, dark chocolate sweetened with coconut and maple sugars providing a touch of sweet sensations and robust flavor. Handcrafted by Beryl Fine with loving intention in Brooklyn, NY.

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