Coffee Culture Kit

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An ode to coffee culture and the community it creates.

"I’ve curated this box from Brooklyn brands who, like Palermo, share thoughtful business practices in sourcing fair trade, sustainable and organic ingredients. Both our Coffee Body Scrub and Haute Chocolate’s Espresso Bar are made using Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Ethiopian Washed bean blend. Tying together the community makers and business owners feel in Brooklyn."

- Ciao, Jess.

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This kit includes:

- Coffee Body Scrub / Palermo Body / Brooklyn, NY
Organic fair trade coffee + raw sugar gently exfoliate while shea butter + coconut oil nourish your skin. 

- Espresso Chocolate Bar / Haute Chocolate / Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Roasting Company’s beans are roasted then blended with Haute Chocolate’s classic semi-sweet 72% cocoa Peruvian organic dark chocolate. 

10oz Coffee Ethiopian Washed Beans / Brooklyn Roasting Company / Brooklyn, NY*
Ethiopian washed coffees are famed for their cup clarity and bright cup characteristics, this blend shows notes of cocoa and zesty lemon. *Not available separately

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