Sacred Smudge Bundle

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White Sage, Sweetgrass, Lavender, & Rose Smudge Bundle

The ritual of smudging has been used by different cultures around the world for centuries. Mother Earth has generously provided us with these magic-filled blessing herbs that open us up to healing, shifting our consciousness to sacred space, connecting us to our ancestors, and grounding us into ourselves.

White Sage: The ultimate healer - grounding + uplifting, purifying + cleansing of the body, aura, energy, & space, awakens the soul and brings you to a place of devotion.

Sweetgrass: The essence of the feminine, the "Sacred Hair of Mother Earth" she brings in happiness, comfort, love, warmth, intimacy, and sweetness

Lavender: A calming + peaceful energy, heart-opening + self-loving

Rose: Love, love, love. Courage, intimacy, comfort

- 5" x 6" long

Meet The Maker

With a Native American background and an old nomadic soul, Meraki Nomad founder, Adrienne Fisher, is constantly inspired by the cultures who started it all by hand. Adrienne makes and curates sacred offerings from around the world.

To Use

Cautiously light the foliage end of the bundle, allowing flame to ignite the herbs. Blow out and use the smoke coming from the embers to cleanse space or subject by waving bundle along the perimeter of room, in corners, doorways and shadowed spaces. Allow bundle to burn out or gently tamp out on a non-flammable object such as our Ritual Tray. Do not leave bundle unattended or in the reach of children. 

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