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If you have a friend that started using sheet masks years before everyone did, finding the perfect gift for them might be a bit tricky. However, we’ve got you covered with a lot of A-list recommendations they’ll be sure to love.

Gua Sha Tool - $24

If they haven’t hopped on this skincare trend yet, you’ll definitely be crossing something off their wishlist. Gua Sha tools help to promote circulation which aids in healing, which means you’ll basically be giving the gift of glowing skin.


Coffee Body Scrub - $48

They’ve most likely have tried a Coffee Body scrub before—but if they haven’t tried ours, they’re definitely missing out. It 1. smells amazing 2. is super moisturizing and 3. leaves your skin glowing.


Vitamin C Face Mask - $38

Dry masks are kind of the best gift because they’re so customizable so you don’t have to worry about knowing their skin type. Our Vitamin C Mask helps to brighten and smoothe the skin,  which sounds like the perfect gift if you ask us.


Aromatherapy Rollers - $32

Our Aromatherapy rollers have a bit of a cult following, so if they haven’t tried them yet, they’re probably itching to do so. There are three scents to choose from—or you can get them all three if you can’t seem to choose.


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