Gift Guide / Gifts Your Thanksgiving Host Will Most Certainly Be Thankful For

If you’re not the best cook, but want to contribute to your Thanksgiving gathering in some kind of way, have you thought about getting a gift for your host? Sure, you can bring a bottle of wine for the whole gang (which we still recommend) but we think getting a gift just for the host is a great idea that they’ll definitely appreciate. It’ll show them you’re grateful for their cooking abilities, hospitality and the fact that you won’t be spending Thanksgiving eating Chinese takeout. Not sure what to get? We’ve got a few ideas. Shop ‘em below.

Coffee Body Scrub

Our Coffee Body Scrub is a fail-safe option. It’s luxurious, smells amazing and makes the perfect gift for just about anyone. Also—it’ll work great for scrubbing their hands after making a huge feast since it gets the garlic and onion smells out in a flash.


Repairing Body Oil

You know that tight, dry feeling your hands get after scrubbing a bunch of dishes? Banish that feeling for your host with either of our Body Oils. They’re light enough to ensure their hands won’t feel greasy after, but they’ll most definitely feed moisturized.


Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil

Hosting a Thanksgiving can be stressful. Help them relieve the stress just a bit with our Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil. It’s even small enough so that they can pop it in their apron and re-apply all throughout the evening.


Replenishing Bath Salt

Help them soak all that stress away once everyone leaves with our Replenishing Bath Salt. It helps to soothe sore muscles, remove toxins and stimulate circulation—all of which are much needed after a long day of cooking, eating and drinking.


Pandora's Chocolate Box Set

If skin care isn’t really their jam, why not some chocolate? Get them this assortment of 18, vegan, dark chocolate bars that taste delicious and won’t leave them feeling too guilty since they’re sweetened with coconut and maple sugar. Win, win!


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