Guide To Cleansing The Energy In Your Home

With Spring finally, here it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ways to cleanse your home—whether it’s through organization or cleansing the energy in your space. But if you’ve never cleansed the energy in your home before, you may not know exactly where to start. That’s why we chatted with Plant Spirit Herbalist, Adrienne Fisher of Meraki Nomad, to guide us through how she likes to rid her space of negative energy. And here’s a little fun fact—Adrienne actually makes the sacred offerings that are sold on her site by hand, as well as in our Mindful Shop. So if you’re feeling like giving her beautiful handmade offerings a try (which we’d totally recommend), keep on scrolling.

The Sage Bundles sold in our Mindful Shop are made by Adrienne using sustainably harvested white sage.


Start With Setting Intentions

“I personally think it’s important to just sit with whatever herb you want to be using and just call in the spirit of that plant or give thanks to what it’s going to bring you and just sit quietly with the plants for a bit. I like to get into a grounding space before I start burning the herbs.”

Move Counterclockwise To Clockwise

“I like to start at the front door of my space, or just any doorway or entryway. And first I move counterclockwise around the space first to cleanse. And if it’s my entire home then I like to set intentions within each room; for example, if I’m in my workspace I like to set some intentions of getting rid of any creative blocks or maybe lack of abundance. Then I like to go back around the space clockwise with some palo santo while setting intentions again.”

Our Tranquility Oil is a great addition to your cleansing ritual. 


Choosing Your Herbs

White Sage: “This is always the number one in cleansing, but it’s also so much more than that—it’s really grounding, uplifting, clearing and also really antibacterial. But wild White Sage is at risk of becoming endangered, so it’s important to not be wild harvesting at this time, and to know where it came from and if it was ethical or not before purchasing.”

Palo Santo: “This helps to bring you back to your body, and it also just smells so sweet and nice.”

Sweet Grass: “This isn’t necessarily as cleansing, but it just creates an inviting and welcoming space, which is really warm and nourishing. It’s often braided with three parts and is referred to as the sacred hair of mother earth.”

Tree Resin: “This is like the immune system of the trees and it can be really cleansing. For example, in Mexico Copal is used by the indigenous in ceremonies because it’s really activating, cleansing, clearing and also connecting.”


Do It When You Feel It’s Necessary To Cleanse Your Space

“I like to do it whenever I feel like it’s needed. Sometimes I’ll do it after people are over just to kind of cleanse the space. I used to try and do it once a week when I felt like I needed it, or I’d try and do it on Sunday’s as like a reset for the rest of the week. But I think it’s important to remember cleansing your space with sacred smoke isn't necessarily to "cleanse negative energies" but more about creating a sacred space, which includes riding any unwanted energies.”

The best thing to remember is that there’s really no wrong way to cleanse the energy in your home—except don’t forget to let your herbs burn out completely before putting them away, of course ;)  

(photo of Adrienne by Women with Superpowers)

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