How To Hold Your Own Meditation Ritual This Halloween

What more fitting time to hold your own little self-care ritual than this Halloween? Since it falls on a Wednesday this year, it’s the perfect mid-week excuse to throw a face mask on, light some incense and surround yourself with some crystals. Here’s our guide on how to get the most out of it and ensure you’ll have the chill(est) Halloween ever!

Get Spooky And Put On A (Face) Mask

Halloween might be the only time it’s acceptable to have a face mask on while answering your door to trick or treaters—so why not take advantage? Our favorites include our Vitamin C Facial Mask or our Detox Facial Mask, but mixing it with a bit of honey, yogurt or aloe will guarantee that’ll it will last all night long without drying out your skin.

Take A Soak

Our favorite way to wind down after a long night of handing out (and eating) candy is with a nice, warm bath—preferably with either our Replenishing Bath Salt or Soothing Milk Bath. Or if you’re feeling crazy (since, hello, it is Halloween) why not throw in both? The salts will help to ease any sore muscles (because opening the door time and time again is very exhausting) and the milk bath will help moisturize and soothe your skin.


Sage Away All Your Problems

Now that you’ve done a face mask and taken a bath, you’re fully ready to start your ritual! We like to start with sage-ing the space we’ll be doing the ritual in, and maybe topping it off with a little Palo Santo. Sage helps to purify the air in your home since white sage is actually antimicrobial. It can also help with cleaning out the energy of your home (aka get rid of any ghosts) so if you’ve been feeling a lot of tension recently, burning a little sage can help. It’s also the perfect way to begin any ritual. Palo Santo is another favorite of ours for many reasons. First off, it smells really great and is said to also aid in clearing out any bad energies—which again, isn’t a bad way to start off a ritual.

Light It Up + Set The Mood

Once you’ve finished clearing out any bad energies, now’s a good time to light incense or candles. Copal incense is our favorite option since 1. it smells great and 2. it’s believed to be connected to the crown chakra and help clear the mind (perfect for meditation). Also, lighting candles is a great way to set the mood—it’s amazing how lighting a candle or two can help you just feel a little calmer.

Surround Yourself With Some Crystals

Now that your space is prepped and ready, it’s time to get comfy. Grab a few of your favorite crystals then feel free to either lay down or sit on a chair, wherever you feel most comfortable.

A few of our favorite crystals include the following—

Rose Quartz: Perfect for if you’ve been needing a little self-love.  

Amethyst: This calming crystal is great for if you’ve been feeling a little anxious or need a little stress release.

Smokey Quartz: If you’ve been feeling a little all over the place, this one is good to help you feel more grounded.

Selenite: This stone helps to amplify others around it, making it a perfect companion for any other crystals.

Aragonite: Helps to increase energy, boost self-confidence and self-worth.

Dab On Some Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great way to help you calm down and feel relaxed. Our Tranquility Oil helps you do just that since it’s made with lavender, blue yarrow, and cypress. Apply to your temples, pulse points, chest and/or third eye and just take a deep breath in—trust us when we say the tension will begin to just melt away.

Throw On Some Tunes

As much as we love The Monster Mash, it’s sadly not the best thing to listen to while meditating. Spotify has loads of playlists that are great for meditation, whether you like a guided playlist, white noise or a soft piano, there are plenty to choose from. We also like HeadSpace as another alternative if you’re more fond of guided meditation. So pop on some background sounds, relax, and enjoy your ritual!

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