Jess’ 5 Must-Have Essential Oils

Jess’ 5 Must-Have Essential Oils

Since we’ve been talking a lot about essential oils recently, we thought it was pretty crucial to give you the low-down on which ones are our must-haves. We know the world of essential oil can seem pretty intimidating, so we figured you may need some guidance. So—if you’ve been thinking of starting an essential oil collection (which we’d totally recommend doing) we’ve luckily rounded up five of Jess’ essential essential oils that are perfect for just about anyone and everyone.

“I find myself reaching for these essential oils time and time again due to their versatility and the multitude of benefits they offer both physical and psychologically. A few are very affordable and the rest moderately priced and well suited for most individuals making them a great start to an essential oil collection.

I’ve listed their Blending Factor to serve as a guide if you’re beginning to blend them. The Blending Factor refers to the recommended ratio of essential oil drops to use in an aromatherapy blend to balance the strength of the oil with others. Ratios are very personal and this is not a science but rather a good jumping off point when blending oils. Have fun with it!”


Pelargonium graveolens

Scent Description: Feminine, green, lightly floral, leafy

“Geranium is considered to be a mood booster, as well as an antidepressant. It’s also all around very balancing and can be used to help balance hormones—particularly for women, so it’s really great to use during your cycle. I love that it’s floral but still has green, earthy notes. It’s also a very mild oil and can add a comforting note to any aromatherapy blend.”

Part of plant used: Leaves/tops

Blending Factor: 3 drops

Note: Middle


Citrus paradisi

Scent Description: Citrusy, sweet, slightly bitter, juicy

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about grapefruit essential oil is uplifting. It’s also a great mood booster (like geranium) but a little more energizing and can help to really awaken your senses and just make you feel really...well, energized! Other things I really love about grapefruit is its ability to shift blocked energy (again helping with grogginess) as well as its detoxifying properties.”

Part of plant used: Peel

Blending Factor: 8 drops

Note: Top


Lavandula angustifolia

Scent Description: Floral, sweet, fresh, deep

“Lavender is always such a crowd pleaser. It’s pretty rare that someone doesn’t like the smell of true lavender essential oil. It’s most commonly known for its relaxing qualities, but it’s also great for healing because it’s an antiseptic—meaning it helps fight infection by preventing disease-causing microorganisms. Additionally, it’s very effective in reducing scarring if applied to a cut or burn early on. The word lavender actually comes from the Latin word for wash or bathe, so as much as its revered for relaxation, its healing properties are just as impressive—especially since it’s also very gentle.”

Part of plant used: Flowering tops

Blending Factor: 7 drops

Note: Middle

Tea Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia

Scent Description: Fresh, spicy, herbaceous, warm

“Tea tree is another favorite of mine. It’s super invigorating, as well as energizing and clean—but without being too sharp. It’s also a really great disinfectant and can help to gently dry the skin, so it’s ideal for acne prone skin types. It’s also very effective in preventing mold and fungus so I love to use it for homemade cleaning products! I also love using tea tree in an oil diffuser when I feel a cough coming on. Diffusers disperse the oil into tiny particles in the air, allowing you to safely breathe in the oils so your lungs can benefit from its properties.”

Part of plant used: Leaves

Blending Factor: 3 drops

Note: Middle to Top


Boswellia sacra

Scent Description: Earthy, woody, warm, clean

“This essential oil is an ultimate healer. It’s steam distilled from tree resin which helps to heal the tree when it’s been cut or wounded, so as you can imagine, it basically does the same thing for you. Frankincense is great for immunity, skin conditions, muscular system, joint issues, respiratory system, the list goes on and its benefits don’t stop at the physical. Frankincense resin has been burned for centuries during meditation and prayer by many different cultures who utilize its profound psychological and spiritual effects. Its grounding and introspective qualities are similar to that of patchouli, however; I find its scent a little less intrusive and divisive.”

Part of plant used: Tree trunk/resin

Blending Factor: 3 to 4 drops

Note: Base

What are your favorite essential oils that you can’t live without? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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