Modern Routines with Olivia Yokubonis

Modern Routines with: Olivia Yokubonis


Welcome to Modern Routines with the Palermo Community. One of our Self-Care Tenets as a company is that self-care looks different for everyone. The intention behind this series is to share how other's self-care routines can inspire, spark ideas, and sometimes provide just the right motivation to take the time for yourself. I hope you’ll read on and maybe find a little inspiration here too.



Meet Olivia

Olivia Yokubonis is Palermo's very own Community Manager who is on a mission to find joy in slowing down. Read on to see how she unwinds and finds purpose in her self-care routine.


PB: What are your first memories of understanding the importance of self care?

OY: My earliest memories of self care started when my sweet mom would run a bath for me after a bad day. I was maybe 10 years old, and I’d have bath salts, a good book, some candles, and a cold drink waiting for me. This is still my formula for the perfect bath today. 


PB: What are your favorite Palermo Body products? 

OY: The Harmonizing Aromatherapy Oil gets me through long work days where I am feeling a lag, the Replenishing Salt Soak is an essential for a post work bath, and the Regenerative Serum which was my introduction to Palermo Body! I’ve been hooked ever since.


PB: How do you incorporate purposeful self-care into your life?

OY: The key to making self care more purposeful for me has been in creating a routine that requires all of my attention. As a recovering workaholic, I am someone who could go non-stop, so my evening bath, face mask, and reading time requires me to abide by my boundaries and be intentional about re-energizing my body and my mind.


PB: What does caring for yourself mean to you, how does it help you grow?

OY: Caring for myself means listening to my mind and body, and not disregarding those messages. I used to have patterns of ignoring my own needs so I could “get things done”, but choosing to purposefully incorporate self-care has allowed me to be a better advocate for myself in the big and small things.


PB: What books are currently on your nightstand?

OY: I am in the midst of A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis and the novel The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.


PB: What is the most impactful quote you live by?

OY: Not a particular quote, but I have always been inspired by everything my father has to say. 


PB: What does an ideal evening in look like?

OY: After ending my work day at 6pm, I take my puppy, Rocky, for a long walk and will make dinner while catching up on the latest and greatest reality tv show. I then will unplug and take a bath using Replenishing Salt Soak, and on special occasions paint Vitamin C Facial Mask on my face. After about two hours and being turned into a prune, I woefully get out of the bath and will massage Repairing Body Oil onto my skin. I’ll make some gluten free dairy free egg free cookies and cuddle in bed with Rocky and a good book. The best nights are when I fall asleep before 10pm. 


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