NATURAL NOTES / How To Seamlessly Transition Your Skincare Routine For Fall

Fall can be a tricky time for our skin. It’s not yet freezing cold, but it sure is getting there. Also, if you live in a place where the seasons can be quite different (like we do here in New York) our skin can get pretty confused rather quickly. However, Fall is actually a great time to slowly transition your skincare to prep for when the weather does get colder—so if you need a little insight on how to do just that, keep reading.

Slosh Off The Summer Damage

Now is a great time to focus on some exfoliation. During the hot summer months, build up of sunscreen and self-tanners could have left you with some clogged pores, blotchy skin, and blackheads. To banish all said skin concerns, we have a few recommendations—

For The Face / Vitamin C Facial Mask mixed with Greek yogurt:  Our Vitamin C Mask is made with Rosehip + Strawberry extract which is both rich in vitamin C, which aids in the production of collagen and helps reduce the appearance of sun damage—all of which may be much needed after summer. Also, mixing this dry mask with Greek yogurt will act as a gentle chemical exfoliant thanks to the yogurts lactic acid.

For The Body / Coffee Body Scrub: Caffeine helps to firm and tighten the skin's elasticity and can also help with the production of collagen. The finely grained coffee and raw sugar help to exfoliate the skin while the shea butter and coconut oil do wonders to moisturize your skin—leaving you feeling extra glowy. Did you know we use locally roasted Coffee from our friends at Brooklyn Roasting Company? It’s also fair-trade and organic of course.

Opt For A Richer Moisturizer

Fall is a great time to slowly incorporate heavier moisturizers into your routine, especially since colder temps can mean drier skin. Here are some of our favorite picks—

For The Face / Regenerative Facial Serum: This serum is a great option for the transitioning climate. It’s rich in omegas and vitamins that help to repair the delicate skin on your face, but it doesn’t feel super heavy and greasy when applied. It’s also great to add into a heavier cream for when the temperature really starts to drop.  

For The Body / Hydrating Body Oil: While our Repairing Body Oil is great for summer, our Hydrating Body Oil is amazing for the colder months. It’s made with rosehip and sweet almond oil which help to moisturize and treat irritated skin, which is both much needed for this time of year.

Start Adding In Some Treatments

When the weather starts cooling down, it’s a great time to start adding some more treatments into your routine. Our two favorites don’t feel the best when it’s hot outside, so when it starts to get colder, we tend to really take advantage.

For The Face / Botanical Facial Steam: Our facial steam is the perfect self-care treat that any skin type can enjoy. The floral and herbal blend help to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, and it also just feels really good, especially when it’s freezing outside.

For The Body / Replenishing Salt Soak: Himalayan and dead sea salts are rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium which have been found helpful in removing toxins, stimulating circulation and soothing sore muscles—all of which can be incredibly comforting when the temperature begins to drop.


Bonus Tip!

Don’t forget to hydrate! During the colder months, our skin starts to get a little parched, so is it not only vital to moisturize on the outside (like with our Hydrating Facial Toner and Regenerative Facial Serum) but it’s also crucial to hydrate from the inside. So that means fill up your water bottle a few extra times each day and drink up!

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