Get To Know Chelsea From Anomie

If you’ve ever visited the shop, Anomie, that’s tucked away in the Marina District of San Francisco, then you’re well aware of the owner, Chelsea Moylan’s, impeccable taste and ability to curate. Her store is packed with beautiful garments, equally pretty accessories and a long list of all natural beauty products (including yours truly). We caught up with her to chat all about her store (as well as those hilarious IG videos she uses to catch shoplifters) and, of course, why she digs Palermo Body.

From Criminology To Retail

“I actually don't have a retail background at all! I never took any business, fashion or marketing courses in school. I really regret that now, but I strictly took sociology and criminal justice courses—I even got a Masters in Criminology! But after struggling to find jobs after graduation and getting diagnosed with skin cancer, I reevaluated what brought me joy and realized I wanted to work in fashion and beauty. I then nannied for a while so I could have my days free to build the site and the business and fully transitioned into self-employment about 6 months after opening the online store. It's been amazing and I don't think I could ever work for someone else again.”

Working In Retail Was Just Meant To Be

“Growing up, my go-to game was always playing "store" and asking my mom and friends to pretend to buy things from my closet. It took me a while to realize it, but this is absolutely what I'm meant to do. I can't imagine doing anything else. I also never thought my online store would turn into a physical store because San Francisco is so expensive, but my favorite storefront in my neighborhood just sort of fell into my lap and I couldn't resist. It was very ~cosmic~ and meant to be. My manifesting worked!”


When Curating Products—Packaging Is Always Key

“In order for something to even be considered for ANOMIE, it has to look good. I won't even consider anything that wouldn't display well and, sadly, that really weeds out a lot in the indie maker and beauty world. Next, I focus on the substance. Does the candle burn well, is the body oil moisturizing and smells amazing? What are the ingredients? Have I seen buzz on Instagram about the brand or product? I also try to make sure that they aren't in a lot of stores already, it's pretty fun to be a store that carries a brand before they blow up big!”

Why Palermo?

“Honestly, the packaging is clean and minimal and that caught my eye. There are so many brands with great products, but the packaging is terrible. How do I display that confidently in my storefront? I can't! Once I tried the products out, it was a no-brainer. Palermo was the total package and fit our store's vibe, plus Jess was such a good person that I was delighted to work with her.

Our customers have really responded to the packaging and quality of the products, as well. The small details like having the text printed on the bottle make all the difference! The Detox Scrub, Coffee Scrub, and the Regenerative Facial Serum are our best sellers and people come back raving about them.”

Favorite Palermo Product?

“The Detox Scrub is by far my favorite, it smells like a luxury spa experience in a jar. Not going to lie, I literally huff it. Plus, it's so interesting looking in the jar. It has a very unique visible texture. But I also really love the Tea Tree soap, Rose Geranium soap, and the Regenerative Serum. I'm constantly putting the tester at the store on the back of my hands to curb aging!”

Busting Shoplifters On Her IG

“I definitely didn't waste my degree, like we get a lot of people coming in the store who pay attention to our Instagram and the shoplifting videos I post to get help identifying thieves and to get our stuff back (btw, it works!!). Now, when I'm at tradeshows and traveling to source goods, it always comes up. I'll take it, at least people are talking about us and sharing our Instagram account!”

Random Fact?

“Hmm.... this is truly hard to answer because I'm a bit of an internet oversharer. Even though I organize my store to be pretty clean and minimal, I'm a SUPER messy and disorganized person. My desk is always covered in a million receipts and papers and random stuff. Despite all of the mess, I know where everything is. Organized chaos is my specialty.”

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