An All Natural Guide To Spring Skin Prep

If you live somewhere where the winters aren’t the most enjoyable (like we do!) then you’re probably really looking forward to spring. And since you may have been neglecting your skin during this colder months—you’re probably itching (literally) to indulge in a full-on pamper session, and we’re here to help. One of our favorite things to do in order to prep for the warmer weather is just that—which means a long soak in the bath and a good ol’ scrub down. We have a few other tips and tricks we’d recommend giving a try that’ll help you get your glow on this spring. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Give Dry Brushing A Try

We’re big fans of dry brushing over in this neck of the woods and we think everyone should give it a go. Not only is it great for exfoliation, but it also helps with circulation and detoxification—all of which are probably much needed after a long winter. If you want to know more, check out our full-blown guide here.

Take A Long Soak In The Tub

If you have access to a bathtub (lucky duck), then taking a nice long soak is the perfect way to prep your skin for moisturization since damp skin absorbs moisture better. Baths can also help with sore muscles and joints, which you might be suffering from because of the chilly weather. Also feel free to add a little salt in your soak—it’ll aid in reducing inflammation because the salt water helps to dehydrate swollen cells. Sounds weird—but trust us, it works like a charm. And here’s a little fun fact, our founder Jess didn’t have a bathtub for five years. So when testing new Palermo bath products, she’d bring them with her on vacation and made sure she’d have a room with a tub!


We love a good scrub down—and we think you will too. Chances are, you probably already know that exfoliation is great for your skin. But did you know you can choose from a few different exfoliants depending on your skin type and where you want to exfoliate? If you want to exfoliate your body, go with something a little grainier like sugar, salt or coffee. If you want to exfoliate your face, opt for something more gentle such as oat flour or crushed herbs. If you want a more in-depth lo-down, check out this article with our founder Jess.


Don’t Skip On The Moisturizer

To really get your glow on—don’t forget about this crucial step. We prefer oils, but you can really use whatever moisturizer you like the best. Just make sure to slather it on as soon as you hop out of the shower or bath before your skin fully dries—that way your skin will really soak up all the moisture and you’ll be glowing in no time.

Mask On, Mask Off

Have you ever noticed that your face kind of breaks out when the seasons change? That’s totally normal, and it happens to us too. So, now you can plan accordingly. Try switching up your skincare routine slightly to go with the changing seasons, which means you may be able to use a less heavy moisturizer. Also, try this easy mask combo; our Vitamin C mask mixed with a little bit of aloe and honey. Trust us—your skin will feel nice a fresh after!

Image by @chelsiereimer

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