Jess’s Guide To Dry Brushing + All The Need-To-Know Skin Benefits

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve already heard of dry brushing—but maybe you’re just not sure exactly what it is (which is totally fair!) So if that’s the case, then we’ve got some good news because we’re about to give you the ultimate low-down on all things dry brushing. Essentially, the main reason you should start gettin’ down with a dry brush is that it stimulates the lymphatic system—which in turn has loads of benefits, starting some good old fashioned detoxification. The act of dry brushing itself helps with exfoliation which leads to cleaner (and smaller) pores and has even been found to reduce cellulite. All in all, we’d totally recommend giving it a try. Intrigued? We don't blame you! Keep on reading to get all the deets on this noteworthy skin care technique.

A Step By Step Guide

1. Timing is key when it comes to dry brushing, so you want to make sure to do your dry brushing before you shower when your skin is still dry (go figure). Some people prefer to dry brush in the morning since it can be a perfect way to wake yourself up. But you can do whatever works best for you—so if your shower in the P.M. dry brushing is still for you.

2. Now, get to dry brushing! Starting at your feet and outer extremities, make your way up your body, brushing either straight, or circular motions towards your heart. Don’t forget your neck and back. Make sure to apply firm, gentle pressure—which means no scrubbing! The objective is for it not to be painful, but rather invigorating. When working on your abdomen and chest, work in gentle counterclockwise motions to increase blood flow and digestive benefits.

3. And that’s that! Now hop in the shower and rinse off. Make sure the water isn’t too hot—since hot water can contribute to moisture loss, which results in dry skin.

4. Now that you’re freshly cleaned and exfoliated, you need to pick your poison—A.K.A the oil you want to use to moisturize. We’d suggest using one of our body oils, to lock in moisture and nourish your freshly dry brushed skin. But you can also use something as simple as coconut oil or your favorite moisturizer.

5. Ta-da! You’re on your way to even more beautiful skin.  

Now That You’re Basically An Expert, You Can Soak Up Alllll The Benefits:

Boost Your Circulation

Since you’re stimulating your skin, this helps to amp up blood flow which in turn boosts your skin's ability to heal. This also helps to boost your lymphatic system, which also aids in detoxification—and who doesn’t need a little bit of that?

Ditch The Dry Skin

The dry brush bristles are a great source of exfoliation, which helps get rid of dead skin build up. And if you suffer from mild eczema, dry brushing might be a great thing to add to your routine. As long as you not currently experiencing a flare up or have open wounds from eczema or psoriasis, dry brushing is a great preventive measure—just try using a slightly softer brush since your skin could be more sensitive. Long story short, dry brushing can seriously help reduce itchy, dry skin because it increases blood flow—which promotes your skin’s healing.

Say Ciao To Cellulite  

Because dry brushing amps up circulation, it can possibly aid in reducing the appearance cellulite. Even though this has mixed reviews (some doctors say it’s not possible, while others claim it totally works). However, due to the exfoliation factors of dry brushing—it’ll make your skin look and feel way better than before. Cellulite tends to form in areas with low circulation, so if you’re consistently encouraging circulation to an area with cellulite, it can help reduce its appearance—but you must be diligent in your daily efforts!

Shrink Pores + Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Dead skin cell build-up can lead to clogged pores and annoying blackheads—which suck. So since dry brushing gets rid of that layer of build up which can clog your pores, it has been found to reduce acne and blackheads on your body. I’ve seen such a huge improvement of the stubborn blackheads I tend to get on the back of my legs. I’ve also seen an improvement in ingrown hairs as well as bacne, which has been great.

We hope you now feel you've gained the information needed to start this self care ritual! Leave us any comments or questions below.

Here are a couple of our recommendations of Palermo products to include in your dry brushing routine. 

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Repairing Body Oil - Bergamot + Lavender with Coconut + Cucumber Oil


Soothing Milk Bath - Coconut Milk + Oatmeal with Honeysuckle + Chamomile Extracts

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