Introducing | The Mindful Shop w/ Founder, Jessica Morelli



“The Mindful Shop is a curation of products created by some of the female founders in our maker community, representing our collaborative efforts to bring positive and mindful products into the world.”

“A culmination of things I live and love.”

- Founder, Jessica Morelli.

The Mindful Shop includes Sacred Objects that will help you make room for positive energies, Self Care + Beauty products meant to inspire you to make time for yourself plus,  locally sourced items for the Home and artisan handmade treats to indulge in.

Join us in the coming few weeks to kick off our new "Deep Dive" features and discover more about our Mindful Kits and get to "Meet The Makers" in a series of interviews with the artists and creators.


Pure Rituals Kit


Me Time Kit


Coffee Culture Kit

 Images by Yealim Kong

Video by:

Directed + Filmed by Tutti Del Monte

Art Direction by Dearest Creative

Edited by Pavel Denisonko

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