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The Mindful Shop is a selection of products created by some of the female founders of our maker community and represents our collaborative efforts to bring positive and mindful products into the world.

In this "Meet The Maker" series we will introduce you to some of the makers, artists, and creators featured in our Mindful Shop.

Meet, Beryl.

Beryl Fine created Haute Chocolate Brooklyn upon the idea of indulging in sweets without sacrificing a thing. Fine, a photographer, entrepreneur, and feminist wanted to create clean, sexy chocolate for goddesses, bad girls, and femme fatales. 

Her chocolate bars are handmade in her Brooklyn studio and are 100% organic, vegan, dark chocolate sweetened with coconut and maple sugars.

Beryl's Espresso Chocolate Bar is featured in our Coffee Culture Kit and is made from the same beans we use to make our own Coffee Scrub.

We visited Beryl in her studio and asked her to share with us how she feels about being a Mindful Maker.

PB: What do you love most about your medium or product? What would the average person expect from it?

BF: Chocolate is an ephemeral experience that releases serotonin from the brain giving us all those happy feels. I like to think that my chocolate brings happiness and a passing moment of transcendence. 

PB: How do you bring mindfulness into your daily process?

BF: Brewing chocolate grounds me, and makes me slow down to observe and center. There is a process that cannot be altered and must be respected in order to produce beautiful and delicious ephemera.

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PB: What's your favorite part of running a female-owned business and how do you believe it impacts your community?

BF: I'm unsure how I impact my community directly, however, my company is driven by my own instincts and those instincts are directly correlated with my leftist, queer leaning, sex-positive agenda.

PB: What is your favorite Palermo product?

BF: Palermo's aromatherapy oils— they bring me back to planet earth after I've been wandering around in my head for moments on end. They keep me grounded, centered, and present.

Shop the Coffee Culture Kit and Beryl's (addictive!) Chocolate bars in the Mindful Shop.

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