Mindful Makers | Sarah Cooley | Simply Curated

Mindful Makers | Sarah Cooley | Simply Curated

The Mindful Shop is a selection of products created by some of the female founders of our maker community and represents our collaborative efforts to bring positive and mindful products into the world.

In this "Mindful Maker" series we will introduce you to some of the makers, artists, and creators featured in our Mindful Shop.

Meet, Sarah.

simply curated travel candle

Behind the brand of Simply Curated is founder and CEO Sarah Cooley. Although her brand is Michigan based, Sarah is actually a native New Yorker— who began by selling vintage homeware. She soon fell in love with mid-century glassware, which inspired her to start making candles.

Her hand-poured travel candles are phthalate free and made using 100% soy wax and non-toxic fragrances. The crackling wood wick offers a comforting familiar sound of a real fireplace transporting your self-care ritual to another place.

Sarah's Guava Fig Travel Candle is featured in our Me-Time Kit

simply curated travel candles

We asked Sarah to share with us how she feels about being a Mindful Maker.

PB: What do you love most about your medium or product? What would the average person expect from it?

SC: I love the crackling wood wick. It adds a third sense to the candle experience so now you have sight, smell and sound.

palermo simply curated candles

PB: How do you bring mindfulness into your daily process?

SC: I try and work with the process, not against it. You can't make the wax melt any faster, you can't make the candles cool any quicker, so just being present in the stage that the product is in and not always worrying about the 40 things that come next. 

palermo simply curated candles

PB: What's your favorite part of running a female owned business and how do you believe it impacts your community?

SC: My favorite part is the community of other female business owners, that's what encouraged me to go into business in the first place. Being a female small business owner is an identity that I've really embraced and I think that being as visible as possible as a woman in business helps to educate and inspire others. 

PB: What is your favorite Palermo product?

SC: Hands down the Coffee Scrub! ALL DAY!

palermo body me-time kit 

Shop the Me-Time Kit and Sarah's Travel Candles in the Mindful Shop.

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