Modern Routines with Melissa Chai

Welcome back to Modern Routines with the Palermo Community.

One of our Self-Care Tenets as a company is that self-care looks different for everyone. The intention behind this series is to share how other's self-care routines can inspire, spark ideas, and sometimes provide just the right motivation to take the time for yourself.


Meet Melissa

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Melissa Chai is one of Palermo's brand ambassadors, and, from our perspective, a visual genius who inspires us on the daily. We highly recommend giving her a follow @melissa_chai. Read on to learn what gives Melissa inspiration and how she approaches self-care in her life.

PB: How would you introduce yourself?

MC: I love to curate every corner of my life. I am not a photographer by trade, but I love taking pictures and capturing memories. I am a sucker for good design and architecture.



PB: What are your favorite Palermo Body products? 

MC: My all-time favorite Palermo product is the Repairing Body Oil, hands down. It smells like a dream and does its job so effectively. I was dealing with seasonal eczema and it visibly disappeared after two weeks of consistently using the oil. 

"I also have come to love the Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil. It just set my day off on the right foot."


PB: How do you incorporate purposeful self-care into your life?

MC: Purposeful self-care means quality time with myself – it means putting myself first (which doesn’t always come easy). I try to keep my mental health in check by creating space to do what I want. This often consists of baking, gardening, reading a book or just simply reflecting. 

"I’ve realized with age, the little things you do for yourself add up. So be kind to you and your journey."


PB: What books are currently on your nightstand?

MC: Know my Name by Chanel Miller, The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett and The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters by Priya Parker.


PB: What does an ideal evening in look like?

MC: An evening surrounded by love. I have always enjoyed hosting, so gathering those I love for good conversation over a feast and bonfire on a hot summer night is dreamy to me. 


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