Modern Routines with Anthony Espino

Modern Routines with Anthony Espino

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Welcome back to Modern Routines with the Palermo Community. One of our Self-Care Tenets as a company is that self-care looks different for everyone. The intention behind this series is to share how other's self-care routines can inspire, spark ideas, and sometimes provide just the right motivation to take the time for yourself.


Meet Anthony

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Anthony Espino (he/him) runs a digital marketing agency, Miki, in Brooklyn that handles growth, acquisition, and retention. Miki designs all of the emails you see hitting your inbox and much more. Palermo is a Miki client and we're thankful every day to have Anthony on our extended team.

PB: What are your first memories of understanding the importance of self care?

AE: I honestly don’t think I thought much about self-care until I started my first “real” job my senior year of college. Before then, my stressors were usually around my social life. Working at a multi-hyphenate event space, creative agency, and photo studio had it’s fair share of stress and I quickly realized I needed something to keep me from spinning out.

That's when I started meditating at MNDFL—a now-closed meditation studio in Williamsburg. I found my days were clearer and I had more control of my reactions to situations when I started my days with that 30 minutes of sitting. 

"I will always be thankful to the teachers there for having introduced me to meditation."


PB: What are your favorite Palermo Body products? 

AE: The Regenerative Facial Serum is my tried-and-true. I almost never am without it and it keeps my skin feeling and looking healthy. I bounce around between moisturizers a lot so it’s nice to blend it into whatever I am using at the moment as a constant.

I also love the Detox Facial Mask. It’s the perfect Sunday routine...

"...and it smells like the ocean and reminds me of home (Seattle)."


PB: How do you incorporate purposeful self-care into your life?

AE: I love to nest. The apartment I share with my partner has a decently sized deck where we’ve quickly started an herb garden (that has now left little space to walk). We also enjoy coming together to cook and experiment with new meals based on whatever vegetables we get in our Farm to People box each week.

For me, an ideal evening involves good company and gardening/cooking. I was recently back home in Seattle and decided to landscape my fathers garden and plant some new plants for him. My friend came over and we shared some natural wine and listened to a gardening playlist. We finished by cleaning up and going to the Walrus and the Carpenter (highly recommend if anyone is ever in Seattle).

"Self-care for me often involves my home and things I do to make it a space that feels comforting and a respite from the outside world."


PB: What does caring for yourself mean to you, how does it help you grow?

AE: Caring for myself is often saying “no.” Whether it is work or social events, I think there is a ton of guilt and fear-of-missing-out engrained in us culturally when we say no to things. Often things are viewed as “opportunities” when I think any moment for yourself can also be an opportunity and an investment for yourself.

As an example, here's a quote I live by: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” I think this quote extends to almost any act of self-care. 

"Usually when I find myself least inclined to carve out time for myself to workout, practice self-care, etc, is when I need it the most."


PB: Anthony, we couldn't agree more.


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