Modern Routines with Sharon Leggio Falchuk

Modern Routines with Sharon Leggio Falchuk

Welcome back to Modern Routines with the Palermo Community. One of our Self-Care Tenets as a company is that self-care looks different for everyone. The intention behind this series is to share how other's self-care routines can inspire, spark ideas, and sometimes provide just the right motivation to take the time for yourself.

Today we're presenting the first person from our extended Palermo family—a Palermo Ambassador Routine. I hope you’ll read on and maybe find a little inspiration here too.


Meet Sharon

sharon leggio falchuk

Sharon Leggio Falchuk is a mom first and lives out her purpose as a Functional Medicine & Mind-Body Medicine Health Coach. What is that, and how does it work? Sharon helps others reconnect with their intuition and guiding clients through turning their sensitivities into strengths.

Another one of Sharon’s biggest passions is her Italian heritage—specifically, Sicilian heritage, like our founder Jess. Sharon incorporates the culture & traditions into her daily life—all the while constantly dreaming of her next trip. Palermo Body truly is a fusion of her favorite things, which is why she jumped at the opportunity to be one of our Ambassadors!


PB: What are your first memories of understanding the importance of self care?

SLF: For the first 7 years of my life I lived near my Sicilian grandmother. She would pick me up most Fridays, and I would spend the weekend with her. That often included at-home manicures & pedicures. Everything was meticulously & lovingly done. From placing the foam spacers between my toes, to putting a pillow under my forearms, with a paper towel on top so I could rest my hands comfortably while my nails dried. She took the same care preparing our meals & places at the table. 

hand with body oil
"True slow living. I always returned home feeling restored."


PB: What are your favorite Palermo Body products? 

SLF: As a highly sensitive person (mind & body), who serves mostly highly sensitive clients, I have tried numerous products over the last decade…or, as I like to say, “I have kissed a lot of frogs,” because there have been many fails. That’s why it is a big deal that I fall in love with almost Palermo Body product I have tried. However, there are some that really stand out for me.

One of the first products was the Vitamin C Pink Clay + Rosehip Facial Mask. It is the best powder mask I have ever used! It goes on so easily, so smoothly, with no clumps, and it leaves my face feeling nourished, replenished, and plump. It is perfect for sensitive skin! 

Another early love of mine was Palermo Body’s aromatherapy oil blends. My go-to, which you will find me wearing most days, is The Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil. I tend toward anxiety, so this keeps me grounded & relaxed…and THAT color takes me to the shores of Sicily!

And the cherry on top, post bath or shower, is the Hydrating Body Oil (Geranium + Ylang Ylang). A blend of super nourishing oils, with a gentle, sweet scent that reminds me of everything I love about warm Summer nights, when everything is in bloom.

restorative serum
"Most recently I started using the incredible Regenerative Facial Serum...I LOVE it! So restorative!"


PB: We love the process of a routine here—the way it is predictable, centering, and unique to the person who follows it. Do you have any fun routines you'd like to share?

SLF: My extra special home spa trifecta is what I call “The Neapolitan”The pink is the Revitalizing Body Scrub, which is so bright & uplifting, with floral & fruity notes. Next, the white is the Soothing Milk Bath, which is so hydrating & calming for easily irritated skin. With coconut & oatmeal it takes comfort to the next level…like cookies and milk!

"…yup, just like the famous Italian ice cream!"

And last, but definitely not least, the Palermo Body product that blows my mind the most - Coffee Body Scrub. I have written paragraphs on this one in the past, but I will just say that it literally transports me to my Sicilian Bisnonna’s (great-grandmother) kitchen as she pours freshly brewed caffè, with her homemade lemon biscotti on the side. Pure Heaven…the absolute best body scrub I have ever used! Leaves my skin so smooth and happy!


PB: What does an ideal evening look like?

SLF: First, a stop at my local Farmers’ Market or favorite natural living store. Then, a home-cooked, super colorful and yummy dinner (something like shrimp tacos, or pasta & bean salad). Followed by a walk, playing a game, or watching a favorite show with my family. I end the night with some in-depth self-care: face mask, body scrub, a meditative bath, & extra moisturizer.

"Regardless, it always involves music (probably dancing, too), chocolate, and cuddles with my cat, Sage."


PB: Any wisdom to impart or favorite quotes to end with?

SLF: My favorite quote of all-time, and one that guides me in both my personal & professional life every day is: “We’re all just walking each other home,” by Ram Dass. I truly believe that is the greatest purpose we ALL have. To walk this journey of life really being in it together…dividing the burdens and multiplying the joys. We aren’t meant to do this alone, and we all have valuable gifts to share.



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