6 Tips For Controlling Oily Skin

We did a little poll via Instagram a few weeks ago and found that about half of you who answered deal with oily skin and wanted to know how to manage it. Lucky for you, we have a couple tricks up our sleeve (as well as some key ingredients) that work wonders for combating the shine. So if you’re someone who finds themselves blotting away excess oil around 3 pm every day, this one's for you.

Incorporate Activated Charcoal + Tea Tree Oil Into Your Daily Routine

Activated charcoal is great for oily skin since it helps to absorb oil and toxins in your skin, it’s also great if you suffer from breakouts. Also, tea tree is an antiseptic which can help combat oiliness. Our Tea Tree + Mint soap and Grapefruit + Juniper soap are both great options to use on your face if you find your skin is more on the oily side.

Try Washing With A Clay Mask

This may sound like a weird tip, but in the A.M. try swapping out your cleanser with a clay mask like our new Detox Facial Mask instead. Create a thin paste and cleanse your face like normal, but keep the mask on your skin for about a minute or so until it slightly dries before rinsing it off. The sea clay, bentonite clay and activated charcoal help to draw out impurities without drying out the skin and the other ingredients such as spirulina, alfalfa, and aloe help to heal the skin, fade scars and prevent future breakouts.

Exfoliate On A Weekly Basis

If you have oily skin, then exfoliation is super important! Because excess sebum can clog pores (and make them appear larger), it’s crucial to exfoliate about 2-3 times a week to try and avoid that excess sebum that causes breakouts. You can either use a physical exfoliant (such as dried plants, oatmeal or nut flours) or a chemical exfoliant, like AHA’s and BHA’s (which you can read more about here).

Spritz With A Toner

If your skins pH balance is thrown off, that can actually throw a lot of things off, including how oily your skin is. If your pH is too low, you can find that your skin is acting out by being super slick and greasy. If that might be the case for you, try using a toner with a little acidity, like our Hydrating Facial Toner, to even things outs. If you’re not sure what your pH levels are, you can find a super helpful quiz here.

Don’t Skip On Moisturizer

If you have oily skin, an oil may actually be the answer you’ve been looking for. Oils like Grapeseed and Jojoba oil are surprisingly really good for oily skin since they’re very similar to the oil our skin already produces. But if putting oil on your already oily skin makes you cringe, then we’d suggest something like Hyaluronic Acid since it’s light, but packs a punch with its moisturizing abilities.

Consistency Is Key

When it comes to all types of skincare, consistency is key. You won’t see results if you’re only doing something once a week. If you have trouble sticking to a skincare regimen, and really do want to see results, try writing out your routine on a sticky note and placing it on the mirror where you do you get ready. That way, you’ll remember to do it every morning and night!

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