Stress-Free Holiday-Travel Tips

We bet that traveling over the holiday season is likely not your favorite thing in the world, because we feel the same way! Read on for a few suggestions to feel less overwhelmed about that full-plane flight or extra-long car ride...

Pack Early

With extra busy schedules, sometimes the actual packing of our bags is pushed until the last minute, oftentimes to the night of...yikes! To ease the stress of tackling everything all at once and all at the last minute, spend a night or two before to prepare. Write a list if visualizing your must-dos and must-brings on paper helps (i.e outfits, accessories, bath and PB beauty products, etc...) If this sounds easier said than done, make a "regular night" out of it with a glass of wine or some delicious takeout. Or even throw on either our Vitamin C Facial Mask or Detox Facial Mask to make packing luggage a leisurely thing rather than a cumbersome task ;)

Again, writing out a list is super helpful to make sure you don't forget anything, especially your PB gifts for loved ones!

Have What You Need 

If even the thought of waiting for your bag at the luggage carousel or losing your bags altogether frightens you, there's a surefire way to avoid these two travel mishaps altogether! Consider packing just the essentials with a carry-on luggage instead. There's something comforting about knowing where your belongings are at all times and having one less thing to keep in the forefront of your mind during extended travels.

It might also be super helpful to bring along stress-relieving personal items. There are tons of things you can stash in your carry-on bag to help relieve any stress from traveling. Some of our favorites are our Tranquility Aromatherapy Oilit contains lavender essential oil that supports a calming feeling and soothes away mental fatigue. Our Gua Sha tool or Rose Quartz roller have healing properties that relieve tension and support lymphatic drainage around the face. Other great travel-friendly tote-alongs are: a stress ball, a sleep-eye-masks, ear-plugs or a great headset to listen to your favorite playlists, delicious mint or chamomile tea bags, and a neck pillow to sleep-away your travel-exhaustion!

Bring Along Your Skincare Arsenal

The best way to kill the first hour of your flight is with a full-fledged skincare routine. As you probably have experienced, airplanes can seriously dry out your skin so spending some time trying to combat any dryness can really help any post-flight face. Some of our favorite things to bring along are our travel size Hydrating Facial Toner and our mini Regenerative Facial Serum.

Snack-Prep In-Flight Healthy Snacks

It can be tricky to find healthy snacks at the airport, so why not prepare and bring your own snacks! Knowing what you are nourishing your body with during your travels contributes to a pleasant travel experience. A few good TSA friendly options are fruits or veggies, granola, pre-made salad or popcorn. For a whole list of other TSA approved snacks, visit their site here.

Stay Hydrated!

Like mentioned before, airplanes can be very drying so staying hydrated is crucial. Not only will it help your skin feel less dry, but according to Harvard Health, staying hydrated can also help fight-off the fatiguing symptoms of jet-lag! 

Remember Your Phone Charger!

Because sometimes we all need the extra reminder...

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