Introducing Palermo Pensierinos



noun - Italian
  1. A little thought
  2. A small present or gift


Connecting with our community has become much harder thanks to instagram's algorithm. I’ve been searching for a new way to connect, with short, kind reminders of self-care. I LOVE writing our newsletters but email isn’t always the best way to share a short, thoughtful message the way an instagram post used to be. 

Text message marketing has become a somewhat annoying reality of our modern lives, but I love the idea of sending our community a simple text message reminding them to breathe and be kind to themselves—the way I do for a friend who I know needs a pick me up.

So that’s what I’m doing! I’m going to send you short uplifting texts, reminding you to go easy on yourself and take a moment of gratitude for all your body and mind do for you—only if you want me to, that is! ;) 

This is your invitation to sign up for texts from me (pensierinos—little thoughts/small gifts). They’ll be once weekly, short and sweet, and no marketing! Seriously, we’ll keep this a safe space <3. 

If you’re a text subscriber already, I look forward to connecting in early January when we kick-off. If you’re not yet signed up, you can join me by signing up here.

I’m really looking forward to bringing Palermo’s mission of helping our community take care of themselves closer to you.



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