Learning Self-Love W/ Lalah Delia

There’s a good chance you’ve noticed Lalah Delia’s writings when scrolling through your Instagram feed. They’re usually quick, affirmation like poems that are seriously relatable and make you feel a little less alone in whatever it is you may be going through. As a wellness educator and spiritual writer, her work is all about inspiring others to vibrate higher and just feel GOOD, whether it be through her Instagram feed or workshops. We sat down to chat with her all about what exactly it means to vibrate higher and also a bit about her self-care and self-love routine. And surprise, surprise—she has tons of tips so be sure to pay attention and take notes.

What It Means To Vibrate Higher

“The path of vibrating higher came out of my own personal need to end a cycle of imbalance in my life and the need to stop attracting people and situations that didn’t serve me. I always knew I wanted to follow a type of spiritual path, but there was a time I was just losing myself in the world and felt really disconnected. I felt like I was almost waiting for something to happen, like I was in limbo and everything I was doing was supporting that feeling of not being able to just move forward. So vibrating higher really just came from the need for me to heal my own life from the trauma I was experiencing. I was in an abusive relationship for years, I was having health-related issues, I was not living to my fullest potential. So through vibrating higher, I was able to exit all of that, especially the relationships that weren’t serving me—not only my romantic relationship but also a lot of friendships too. I was able to leave everything toxic behind. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going to start but as soon as I changed my mindset, the teachers and mentors just started to appear.”

Views On Self-Care And Self-Love

I truly see self-care and self-love as one. Loving yourself is the strongest form of self-care because love is the highest form of vibration. Self-love is a big word too so I think taking a moment to figure out what exactly that means for you is important. I see it as having grace for yourself, letting go of the need for shame, letting go of the need to feel like you need to be in a different place then you are. I also think it’s important to realize that you’re doing the best you can and sometimes you don’t realize that, but when you really look and focus on the now, you’ve done so much to get here so sometimes just understanding that is the best form of self-love.”

Lelah Delia, Vibrate Higher Daily - Self-Love Quote

Listening To Your Body

“The more you listen to your body, the stronger your intuition will become and you’ll be able to learn more about what it is you need. This can be anything from realizing you need to take a bath, to go out in nature or eat a nutritious meal. Listening to your body can really help your relationship with yourself because your body is always looking to communicate with itself. It’s communicating to all the cells, organs and neurons—the body is really a whole communication system—so if we’re more conscious about it and think ‘okay, let me tap into that’ it can end up being really powerful. I think listening to your body and honoring yourself is another great form of self-care and even telling yourself, ‘I know you’re working hard on the inside, so I’m going to help you from the outside too’.”

Plant Medicine And Self-Care

“There’s about three or four different tonics that I like to take everyday, and they’re a great way I like to show myself self-care. Any plant-based medicine that helps the nervous system and brain thrive, especially for the work I do. I have to think clearly and be sharp so anything to help with that is great. I think adaptogens are also really great if you tend to be really busy because they’re a super fast form of self-care. I basically keep a medicine bag on me at all times and keep tonics in my purse for when I’m on the go. First, I love lavender, cinnamon oil, and lemon balm since it really helps me with any stress and anxiety. As for adaptogens, my favorites are ashwagandha for stress and gotu kola or rhodiola for brain fog.”

When You’re Feeling Uninspired


“If I’m not feeling really inspired, I love reading Thomas Moore, Maya Angelou, and Joseph Campbell—to me, they all write to the inner hero of the soul. I also really like reading any sacred poetry, that usually always helps me to feel better. Also, I love to watch documentaries from the 70’s when I’m feeling a bit unmotivated or uninspired. They’re so nostalgic and there were so much soul and passion during that time, I find it really comforting and inspiring. I also have a playlist on Spotify called Energy Cleanse that I love to throw on since it’s full of really soothing music and binaural beats which helps to kind of vibrate you out of where you are, and where you need to be.”

To learn more about Lalah and all the work that she does, check out her website! Also, keep an eye out for her book that’s coming out later this year.

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